Motion Warning -- How to link to Modes?

Simple question: just trying to get the “Motion Warning” setting to be linked to a mode. For instance, at night when I go to sleep and set the system to “Away” mode (motion sensors which trip the alarm are outside my bedroom, that’s why I do it this way) I want my two outside hardwired cameras (Floodlight Pro, I think they are) to be set to “Motion Warning” on. It seems in the past this was possible but in the current app, there is no device setting under Modes. I found an earlier discussion about this which mentions a “workaround” but the “workaround”, so far as I can see, is not specified. Can anyone give me step by step instructions for the “workaround”. I am using an iPhone 14 and just updated to iOS 17.3 today. In the morning when I wake up I set the system to “disarmed” and I would like the motion warnings to be off under “disarmed” mode. TIA.

Sorry. Here’s the link for the previous discussion. Forgot to include that… Motion warning, no toggle in mode settings

Hi @PaulDuke. This has been mentioned in this Community post as well. This is still being investigated and worked on to be resolved. In the meantime, try disabling Modes for your Cameras and enabling them again to see if they then work correctly. Please make sure you are following these steps as well to enable Motion Warning in Modes for a Camera:

  • Open the Ring app
  • Choose the menu button (three lines in the upper left corner).
  • Select Settings
  • Tap on Modes and Automations
  • Tap on Modes
  • Select the Mode you want
  • Select your Camera and toggle on the Motion Warning toggle.

If the workaround does not work, your patience is greatly appreciated as our team works to resolve this.

Thanks much. That helped a lot.


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