Motion Warning for Spotlight Cam Pro

It seems strange that the Spotlight Cam Pro doesn’t support Motion Warning, even in wired mode… is there some technical reasoning for this?


Hi @user62604. You can find a list of devices that support Motion Warning here. At this time, the Spotlight Cam Pro doesn’t offer Motion Warning. We appreciate your feedback, and you’re welcome to add it to our Feature Request board.

The motion lighting doesn’t even work on this camera. It seems more like a downgrade

Why in the hell Spotlight Cam Pro with Ring Hardwired Kit (Wired) doesn’t have the Motion Warning?! I understand that Battery powered devices don’t have that feature, but it’s wired using your special Ring Hardwired Kit. It’s shocking that a 2nd generation 2017 Ring Cam Mount (7 year old camera) has that feature, and the 2023 PRO edition doesn’t. It should be called Basic. Not Pro. I’ll be looking to buy old 2017 cameras instead, for my future camera needs.

It’s absolutely insane. And the customer service has a lot to be desired lately.

What’s the update on this???

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Agreed - how is this not a feature yet?

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