Motion Warning being disabled in Disarmed Mode

Recently I could switch to Disarmed Mode and all my settings would be fine, as of this week whenever I switch to Disarmed mode it disables my Motion Warning. I found out because if I go to my Device settings to enable Motion Detection it does not enable Motion Warning without a message stating that it is controled by disarmed mode and next time disarmed is enabled it will disable Motion warning again.

This did not start happening until recently, I noticed two different version of the app, one for iOS and one for Android. I have both. iOS version is 5.62 and has motion warning toggle available in disarmed mode settings. Android is 3.62 and does not… What’s with the different versions and I’m sure that is the issue. If I set to Disarmed mode on my Android, the Motion Warning is disabled but I don’t have the option to fix it on my Android and I have to go hunting for my iOS device to fix it.

This is very frustrating.

Hi @Boricua3205. Make sure your Ring app is fully updated to the latest version available on Android by checking the app store. After checking that your Ring app is updated, navigate to Settings > Modes > Disarmed > Cameras and see if you can adjust the Motion Warning behavior based on the Modes. If you don’t see this option, please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end.

My android app is the same way. No motion warning toggle for modes in sight. Guess you need to push through a fix for the app.

Caitlyn i dont have a motion warning toggle in mode settings only the camera settings. I cant control motion warning for modes

Hi Neighbors. This feature is only Available if you also have a Ring Alarm system. You can read more about this here.

You’re not understanding the problem. If you go to the camera the motion warning option is present. However if you have modes active attempting to toggle it on provides a warning that the setting is controlled via modes. However in the modes settings there is no toggle for the motion warning, it is missing, and this is the problem!

Hi @SirCozak. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for clarifying. Attached below are some screenshots I’ve taken from my Ring app and they should help you navigate to where you can adjust this setting. You’ll need to customize your Mode Settings to get this to work as intended. Just follow the screen shots from top to bottom. On screen shot 6 I’ve erased my other devices for personal security. You can then configure this for each Mode setting. Let me know if this helps.

Hi Tom

That’s great and all, but modes is already enabled for my floodlights, and has been for years (I was part of the beta test for the alarm in the uk and have had it enabled since then). I also know how to navigate the app, but the option simply isn’t there. The second image I posted above is the same section as the last image in your post, and as you can clearly see the option is missing. Note this is on Android.

On another note has the firmware been updated on the floodlight cameras recently? The reason I ask is because both my units have suddenly started acting up with the lights. They either come on randomly for no reason, and then fail to come on when I actually walk outside. They also come on during the daytime at random intervals. You also can’t turn them on or off manually, it just fails to do it and comes up with an error ‘failed to turn on’. This started happening 2-3 weeks ago, on both units at exactly the same time so I don’t think it’s a fault with the hardware. Assuming this is an update it really needs to be reverted and there are similar complaints from other users on this forum.

Hi @SirCozak. I understand that you are not seeing the option. You need to disable your Mode Settings, and follow the steps I’ve listed to configure your Customize your Mode Settings. I understand that this isn’t the most convenient option, but it is a workaround that I’ve discovered that will help. I’ve raised this concern with my team and it is being investigated.

As for your concern about your Floodlight, you can post in the Security Cams board for assistance with that.

It doesn’t work Tom,

Disabling modes for the cameras and enabling it again then choosing to customise it results in no option being present.
Disabling modes for the cameras and enabling it again then choosing defaults results in no option being present
Disabling modes, nuking the app cache, data and then removing the app entirely followed by setting it back up again results in no option being present

I already made a post about the lights, it’s not had any response.

Hi @SirCozak. It’s unfortunate that the steps I’ve listed didn’t work for you. Please send us a private message on Facebook @Ring or give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I’ve had both Floodlight Cams (1st gen) replaced due to the lights issue. Support replaced them with the plus versions, which don’t appear to have the issue. So perhaps it’s just first gen cameras that have that problem with the lights.

Anyhow, the newly added Floodlight Cam Plus doesn’t have the motion warning option under modes either! I’m not sure calling support is really going to help, there is clearly an issue with the app on Android.

Hi @SirCozak , did you ever get this resolved?

I’ve got the same issue too as per this thread - Strange bug - Ring floodlights motion warning keeps turning off by itself

I’ve spent hours with support on the phone with no resolution :frowning:

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