Motion Verification and battery life

I have a battery-powered (non-wired) Ring Video Doorbell. I have set it to record motion but not to send motion alerts. Does turning on Motion Verification prolong or shorten battery life? Thanks.

I personally find that it does as its a bit like your Google home or Alexa, it has to be active and listening/watching . There is no extra motion PIR sensing it works through movement via the CCD lense. It just wont be sending out the alerts based on your profile options. Few bugs that make the battery flat quickly and never seems to work how you want. Started to get disapointed with Ring as of late and the app is a bit as I would put it ‘ugly’ design with conflicting and mysterious layout. Sadly they are getting worse recently not better with the battery life.

Hey neighbors! Our new motion verification feature should not affect the battery levels in any way. If you feel you are getting too many events once turning on motion verification, you could be seeing a battery drain if you are having more events, as the device is recording more for you. In the situation that this is the case for you, please turn off motion verification to see if it helps with your battery levels. You can learn more about how to turn this off/on here.

yes it only started since the updates. I have used the device for many months and only started since the introdiction of the updates. There is literally no traffic in my quiet street and even less since Covid. You sent me a new unit and its the same. I did a test where I left it in a spare room and it still goes flat within 4 days. Since you replaced it and its the same fault that I did not have since all the people detection and the home, away updates then I can only assume there is a bug. The forum is littered with similar problems if you take a look.