Motion snooze not working when selecting specific cameras

Hi all,

My understanding is that when you snooze a camera, it stops recording video, correct?

Now this works if I snooze the cameras by changing the modes to Home or Disarmed, but if I select a specific camera and snooze it, it doesn’t work! It does this for all my cameras, not just a specific camera.

What on earth is going on? Am I doing something wrong?



Hi @Yelper85. Snoozing a camera will just Snooze the notifications for that device, where using Modes can completely disable the cam. I hope this clears things up for you.

Hi @Tom_Ring,

Many thanks for clarifying.

I’ve pinged a feature request in that allows the modes to have different groups but also set time limits for automatic re-enablement as I want to snooze to save battery but also make sure I’m protected at the times I deem suitable.

Just snoozing alerts (in my opinion) is just silly as I’ve got these managed on an individual camera basis anyway and can snooze the alerts on my phone anyway rather than the app.

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