Motion settings

Why did Ring change the way to set up motion settings? Used to be able to do a more specific range of where the doorbell would pick up motion now it’s only Home or Away mode. Since this change either setting makes my doorbell alert me constantly because I have a sidewalk not far away and the dog park across the sidewalk. This is very annoying - I had it set up perfectly before so it only alerted me when someone was at my patio gate. Anyone know why this changed and how we can get it changed BACK!!

Hey there, @KFolino! At Ring, we are always working to add to and improve on feature and devices. The Ring app has more features than ever before including motions settings, and as you mentioned, modes settings. If you have a wired device, check out our help center article about the motion detection upgrade.

Otherwise, using features such as modes, people only mode, motion verification, and motion frequency in addition to normal motion settings, will help to find the best fit for your location. The most optimal motion detection configuration will come from trial and error, or testing of each motion setting. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: