Motion setting not showing as an option in app - iOS bug?

I am trying to set up motion zones for my video doorbell, but when I tap on the device in the app “Motion Settings” does not show as an option. Rather, the 6 options in boxes below are Event History, Motion Snooze, Device Health, Device Settings (which does not lead to motion settings when tapped), Help Content, and Accessories. I have the most recent version of the app and the doorbell was just purchased and installed earlier this year.

Hi @EmilyP. Are you the owner of the Doorbell, or are you a Shared User? Shared Users cannot adjust the Motion Zones, so whoever originally set the Doorbell up would need to adjust the Motion Zones. If you are the owner of the Doorbell, can you please share a screenshot of the device profile page so I can get a better look at what options you’re seeing on your end? :slight_smile:

What was the answer to this question?

Hi there, @Garyva431! Your motion settings should show up in your Ring app, as long as you are logging in as the owner, and not a shared user. To access your motion settings in the Ring app, please open the Ring app, visit the Menu, select Devices, select your Ring device, and tap the Motion Settings tile on the next page. There you will see all of your primary motion settings and features. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: