Motion Sensors and Delay - explained

There are two settings for a motion sensor delay - Entry (delayed alarm) and Room (immediate alarm).

But what you probably really want is an immediate alarm . . . unless you enter through an entry delay sensor (like a front door) so you have time to disarm. Well . . . it turns out this is exactly what a motion sensor does if you set it to Room (immediate). The system is smart enough to know you entered through a delay, and puts the motion sensor in delay also, to give you that time to disarm.

I posted this as a “request” in the requested features thread, and JSD responded (thank you) that they do this! I tested it . . . and yes, that is how it works. I was also on the phone later (different topic) with Ring Support and mentioned this. The agent did not know this, I had to convince her by running tests to prove it while she watched from her end.

So I am posting this thread to help clarify, and hope that Ring will update the documentation and their support scripts.

This is a good thing! The motion sensor works just like I assume most people would want, just few people seem to know it. So . . . set your motion sensors to Room, not sure why anyone would use Entry (always delay) given how they work.

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