Motion sensor

I’ve just purchased the ring stick cam battery… I’ve managed to set it all up when I try and set up the motion detection setup it will only let me select half of the garden… I’ve also got the ring stick up cam plug-in and that lets me select the whole garden in motion detection… Anybody no way it is only letting me select half the garden in the motion detection settings on the ring stick up cam battery… Any help would be a much appreciated

@Dtriley When you say half the garden do you mean it doesn’t let you set the motion zone as far from the camera as the plug in version?

Yes that’s what I mean…the plugin in one lets me do the whole garden with the motion sensors but the battery version only lets me set the motion sensors on half of the garden
…I’m missing people walking in the front garden untill there half way down path…hope this helps

@Dtriley I haven’t done the comparison myself as I don’t have any battery units but I think this is normal. The way in which motion is detected between the plug in and battery devices is different.