Motion Sensor


I recently set up the Ring Veido doorbell. Did a test run on it with me going out the door and me coming back. It only picked up me going and not returning. I have the motion set to standard and the play back time was only 19 seconds. Do I need to adjust something to make it longer than 19 seconds?

Hi @Deltabreeze! Ring has implemented a feature in your Video Recordings called “Motion Stop”. This feature automatically stops the recording after a Ring device starts detecting motion. The devices stop after 20 seconds for battery-operated devices even if physically installed as hardwired, and 60 seconds for hardwired devices without a battery option. This saves on battery life and data charges.

Another setting that might interest you is the motion frequency. Found in the motion settings for your Doorbell in the Ring app, is motion frequency, which allows you to alter the rate of back to back motion detection.

As far as the recording length, as long as motion is continuous, battery powered devices will record for 30 seconds by default. You can certainly alter this recording length, but not for longer than 30 seconds. Check out this help center article for more info on recording length. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This seem silly if the battery Video door bell has wired powered… It knows if it’s got wired power so why can’t it continue to record for 60 seconds?

It should be hardwire but on my app it’s showing the power source as battery