Motion sensor that work in low temperature

Will there be a motion sensor that works in low temperature?

What I’ve read the current sensors are recommended to use above 0°C or 32°F.

I have a detached garage that needs monitoring but it is not heated. I live in a country where the temperature is already starting to go below 0c in the nights and the other day I got a false alarm from the sensor in the garage.

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Hi @user61399. At this time, there is an Outdoor Contact Sensor, which has an operating temperature range of -4°F to 120°F (-20°C to 49°C). There is no outdoor Motion Detector, as those are intended to be installed inside a home. If the Outdoor Contact Sensor doesn’t fit your needs, or is not available in your region, you’re welcome to add your suggestion to our Feature Request board.

I’ve noticed the recommendation, but does anyone know what it is inside a motion-detector that prevent it from working in freezing conditions?

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