Motion sensor setting off short alarm (3 secs) every time someone walks through the front door, regardless of the setting

Our ring base keeps blaring for 2-3 seconds everytime motion is detected on the motion sensor. So everytime someone goes in or out of the house, regardless of the setting - Home, Disarmed, etc - it goes off.

It is really annoying and we can’t figure out why it’s doing it. Can someone please help?

Hi @david1231. Is this an alarm going off, or the chirp tone for the Motion Detector? The alarm shouldn’t go off for only 2-3 seconds unless it was disarmed after 2-3 seconds. Navigate to the Devices list in the Ring app, select that Motion Detector and tap the Chirp Tones tile. From here, you can choose a specific tone or “None” if you don’t want this Motion Detector to play a tone when it detects motion.