Motion Sensor in detached garage

Does anyone know why Ring suggests not putting a motion sensor in a detached garage? I have extended my WiFi to the garage, and have a strong signal, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Cannot be much different than putting one in a workshop, basement, hobby, or kitchen.

Hi neighbors. All Ring Alarm pieces, including the Motion Detector do not connect to your Alarm Base Station via WiFi; they connect to it via Z-wave. This means that the Motion Detector connects to your Base Station rather than your WiFi router. You can use the Range Extender that came with your system to extend the Z-wave signal to Alarm pieces that are furthest away from the Base Station. When deciding on where to place your Motion Detector you will want to use this Help Center page for guidance on where to avoid placing the Sensor to prevent false alarms. I hope this information is helpful.

I have a similar situation, and it’s frustrating…

I have a detached garage that is far enough away to have a very marginal z-wave signal from the base station. An extender doesn’t help.

A wifi z-wave bridge would solve the problem if one was compatible with Ring. It’s also frustrating as I already have MyQ openers/sensors on the garage doors (wifi based), they “work with ring”, but that doesn’t mean much. Seems like it would be trivial for Ring to allow a MyQ open which they are already monitoring to trigger the alarm, that would solve the problem as well.

Seems like a pretty big hole in the Ring Alarm ecosystem…