Motion sensor going off at 4am for no reason

Motion sensor went off at 4 am last night in garage for no apparent reason. Just purchased system and have no idea what set it off. Called Ring support and was told that passing lights and shadows can set it off. That sounds useless to me. Why would anyone want a motion sensor that can be triggered by shadows? Not sure if I should throw it away or risk another sleepless night.

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Hi @idoc. As mentioned by @user51307, the Ring Alarm Motion Detectors utilize PIR motion detection. This type of motion detection can be triggered by heat sources and reflective surfaces, so we typically don’t recommend installing them in a garage. Motion Detectors are best utilized indoors, with Contact Sensors arming your entry points such as doors and windows. We have some tips on placing Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors here.

Had the same thing @ 1.30 in the morning, video showed a ‘Spider’ !! crawling over Ring bell

Hi @LenJam. This thread is referring to the Ring Alarm Security System. If you have any questions about your Ring Doorbell, you can check out the Doorbells Category and. create a post there. :slight_smile: