Motion sensor false alerts on the hour

Apologies to all in advance for the following wall of text.

Hi all. I have a Gen 1 Ring system with all gen 1 sensors.

Recently, my detached garage motion sensor has been giving motion alerts every hour. These occur at 37 minutes past the hour consistently. I originally thought I may have a rodent or cat somehow trapped in there so I investigated - nothing.

There is no heat in my garage. No fans, not even any windows. Just a single overhead door.
I have Ring door contact sensor in the garage that is acting normally - it is attached to the overhead door and works fine.

I have an Amazon Echo Flex with a motion detector mounted within one foot of the Ring motion sensor and facing the same direction. The Echo Flex does not alert me to motion and acts normally.

I changed the Ring motion sensor battery for a new one and removed it from/added it back to the system - same behavior, alerts every hour at 37 minutes past.

I then swapped one motion sensor from inside my house to the garage and vice versa. Same behavior from the (new) garage motion sensor, alerts at 37 minutes past. The old garage sensor which is now in the house acts fine where it is now (hallway)

I also have an issue with range extenders. My garage is about 80 feet line of sight from my base station. I have TWO Ring range extenders between the base and garage, one in my house at the closest point to the garage, and one in the garage at the closest point to the house. I cannot get the motion sensor inside the garage to connect to either range extender! The RSSI does not change whether the extenders are present or not, yet ONLY the motion sensor shows a weak signal. The door contact sensor is mounted within a yard of the motion sensor and does not have a weak signal and seems to connect fine to the closest range extender.

The garage is a simple wooden frame construct with aluminum siding. I realize this type of siding attenuates signals but if so, why is the door contact sensor showing no issues? Only the motion sensor! Is the antenna configuration in the motion sensors that different from the door sensors?

I have tried mounting the garage motion sensor on different walls and the issue still persists.

Please advise, as this condition is rendering my garage motion detector useless.

Thank you.

Hi @Mijoni. This is definitely an odd situation. Since you’ve swapped the Motion Detectors around and they work normally when in the house, I think there may be some type of interference. What other type of wireless devices do you have in the garage? Try unplugging your garage door open and see if you still experience this 37 minute cycle. The radio frequency from the garage door opener may be causing interference with the Z-Wave signal from the Motion Detector.

If you cannot find any other sources of wireless interference, you may need to reach out to our support team to investigate this further. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.


I do not have a garage door opener, but I do have a wireless access point in the garage which is used by the Echo Flex.

I will disable the access point and see what happens.

Thank you.