Motion sensor and camera sending notifications in Disarmed mode

Hi all,

I’ve just recently set up my ring security system with a motion sensor and an indoor camera. I keep getting notifications of movement when the system is in disarmed mode. I understand that these functions shouldn’t be working in this mode. I’ve gone into the mode settings, and it says they are disabled in disarm mode, but I’m still getting notifications. It’s driving me up the wall as I get one whenever anyone or our dog moves around.

Any advice on stopping this?


Hi @kiwi_scully. Are you receiving notifications from the Camera or the Motion Detector, or both? You’re able to turn off the chirps from the Motion Detector in the Mode Settings but you’ll have to disable the push notifications from the device’s profile page itself. In the Ring App > Main Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Motion Detector > Motion Alerts. You can also toggle Motion Alerts off for any Cameras you have on their respective device profile page. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

I was receiving notifications from both while in disarmed mode, despite them being set to in active. I seem to have solved the issue with the camera (fingers crossed) by manually turning the notifications on and then off again for disarmed mode. But I am still getting the issue with the motion sensor as I can’t seem to change the settings for the motion sensor thorugh the mode settings for Disarm mode, only for Home and Away.

Wouldn’t disabling push notifications then stop me from getting notifications when the alarm is armed? I still want these notifications. I don’t want any notifications when it is disarmed (when I am in the house), as the sensors shouldn’t be armed, but I am getting the notifications, which obviously indicates the sensors are in fact armed when they shouldn’t be.



@kiwi_scully To clarify, even in the Disarmed mode, the Motion Detector is still going to be on and will still detect motion. Disarming the system does not turn any sensors off completely. There is not a way to edit push notifications from a particular sensor based on which mode you have your system set in, although that is a great suggestion for the Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. With that said, even if you disable push notifications for a specific Motion Detector, if it detects motion when the system is armed, you’ll still receive a notification that the system is alarming. You will also have a record of all activity in the Event History as well. I hope that clears things up! :slight_smile:

I just came looking for a solution to this same problem. I just got the Ring Alarm system and getting everything all set up this week. We put the motion detector in our master bedroom (as we have a double door there to the back yard) and it’s detecting motion constantly!! Even when someone simply rolls over in bed.

I only want it to detect in “Away” mode. I see the reference above to turn off push notifications, but even doing that, it’s still detecting motion literally every 3 minutes. So that means a constant drain on the battery! I don’t know about the rest of your customers, but batteries aren’t cheap here and climbing a ladder to replace one all the time is going to be a hassle. Why doesn’t it turn off when it’s not supposed to be monitored??

I’ve been really happy with this system the last couple of days, talking it up to family members, but now today I have constant motion detecting indoors and the outdoor camera sending alerts for the dogs when it’s in People Only mode. Grrrrr. What’s going to go wrong tomorrow??