Motion sensor alerts only for away mode

So the latest release fixed it for home and away, but still keep getting excessive notification from motion detector in the disarmed more. When you read on one of the Ring help pages it states:

Disarmed: When Disarmed, no sensors in your home will be monitored and no alerts will be sent to the monitoring station although the system will still be powered on and functioning.

That sounds great, but as many others have stated in this thread and I will attest, it simply doesn’t work this way (LOL had to pause writing for a second to view the motion detetor notification I just received while in disarmed mode)

If you go to devices and select the motion detector then go to mode settings, there are choices for monitoring in both home and away mode, simply add one there for disarmed to allow monitoring to be turned off. SINCE THE SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK AS SUPPOSEDLY DESIGNED.

Or actually fix the system to work as it supposedly should!


Here is what it says:

Disarmed: When Disarmed, no sensors in your home will be monitored and no alerts will be sent to the monitoring station although the system will still be powered on and functioning.

However you’ve only bolded the part that says no alerts will be sent which isn’t fully what it says. It continues and says “to the monitoring station…”. The key words are to the station and no sensors monitored. It does say they will be powered on and functioning. All of that is true. It doesn’t say that no alerts will be sent to anyone at all. So while we 100% need this feature to disable notifications/alerts when the system is disarmed, their description is actually how it works even if it’s worded in a very odd way.

That said, what they wrote is not very helpful, because obviously we all expect that if the system is disarmed, that no alerts from the sensors would be sent to the monitoring station, trip the alarm, etc. If it didn’t work that way it would be pretty chaotic every time the motion sensor detected someone and they called you or sent the police! haha.

In the end, they MUST add a feature that allows for the notifications (email, push) to be disabled BY THE MODE. So if you are in Disarmed mode, you can have the option to have no alerts at all for motion or other individual sensors. That said, we SHOULD be able to keep those alerts for devices of our choosing as well so that I can have my doors alert me but not the motion sensors when the system is disabled. I just installed my Ring after years of being with ADT and although I was paying a crazy amount, their system had this ability and more with custom alerting. To Ring: PLEASE add this absolutely required feature.


Well I came here for the same problem lol, instead of doing useless LED light notifications that we don’t need… This is easy, simple and common sense DISARMED = ALL DISABLE
For me Home option for the sensor is Ignore when armed and I’m still getting the notifications

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I would love this feature as well. I want the cameras to record motion when I’m Home mode but not send alerts. The record AND send alerts when I’m away.


Are you talking about:

Devices > Alarm Base Station > select a “Motion Detector” device > Mode Settings …

You see Away mode and Home mode with toggle switches?

That’s not an updated feature or a result of Ring “listening and always improving.” That has been there.

The light still flashes due to movement and therefore records an unnecessary event while wasting the battery when the system is disarmed.

Has this been solved yet. I hate my event history is just a motion event every ten minutes. Can’t be good for the battery or my bandwidth.

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I seriously need this feature. I purchased 24 ring cameras and 5 full ring alarm kits for my home and business locations. Going to return everything because a simple and logical feature like this isn’t available. Hundreds, if not, thousands of people can benifit from this automation!!!

Automate “motion alert” to OFF when disarmed and ON when armed and away.

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Hi neighbors! Thank you for sharing your feedback. Currently, motion alerts can only be enabled or disabled, and are not automated based on the Mode you have selected. Other neighbors have shared their desire for this feature and posted it in the Feature Request board.

You can click the request above to add your vote if you haven’t already. The Feature Request board is the best way for us to be able to gather and share your ideas and feedback with our team. I’m marking this reply as the solution so neighbors can easily locate the appropriate feature request. :slight_smile: