Motion sensor alerts only for away mode

Hello! Just got Ring Alarm and so far, I’m loving how simple the system is to install and use. There is one thing that I’m trying to figure out.

For the motion sensor, I wanted to see how I can activate the motion alerts only for the away mode. I know I can turn the alerts on but then I get tons of alerts when we’re home, etc.

I want to have this kind of set up just in case someone is able to come into the home without tripping any of the door and window sensors. I know that once the motion sensor is tripped and the alarm is in away mode, it will start the count down before sounding the alarm but I’m still looking to get an alert regardless. Can you assist?

Thank you so much!



Just go into your devices. Under each motion sensor open the mode settings and disable it for home mode… picture attached.

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Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, I thought this would have done this too and I tried this when we first got it installed but for some reason, the motion alerts still come on when we’re home.

I think what I’m looking for is a setting where the motion alerts don’t come on when it’s “disabled” instead of being “home”. When it’s disabled and we’re home (but the alarm is not set to “home”), it still send alerts to our phone.

What do you think? Any workarounds? Thanks!

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Hey @Gemajean , this would make for an excellent feature request! At this time, motion alerts can only be enabled or disabled, and cannot be automated or set based on Alarm Mode. It can still be manually toggled to be on or off, each time you are “home” or “away”, but not preset as a rule. I’ll be happy to share this wish with the team :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing it with the team and hopefully this can be implemented in a software or app update. When we come home, we always just leave the system as disabled and then activate it to “home” mode when we go to bed. My guess is that a lot of other users may do the same thing.

Thank you again for your consideration. We’re just getting used to the system after having ADT for 20 years and so far, we’re very impressed. Great job guys!


I know I can turn the “Motion Alerts” on & off.

But, even if I turn the “Motion Alerts” off, the Motion Detector is still detecting Motion & I get a sound on the Base Station - even when the Alarm System is “disarmed”.

Isn’t this depleting the battery when it constantly detects motion?

Or, am I just doing something wrong?

I don’t want to have to constantly “disable” the Motion Detector.

Don you need to disable chirp tones by setting it to none for each motion device.

Otherwise it will make a noise every time it’s activated

THANKS AmpSkillz

But, I assume the Motion Detector is still detecting motion?

What is the reasoning for the Motion Detector detecting motion even when the Alarm System is disarmed?

Isn’t that depleting the battery in the Motion Detector if it is detecting motion even when the Alarm System is disarmed?

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Hi GemmaJean

I’m sorry I misunderstood I thought you were trying to disable motion sensors for home mode versus away mode.

To answer your question correctly what you were asking for is kind of pointless. Why would you need to receive motion alerts for each and every device while in away mode and not receive them when you’re In home mode.

My point is that when you’re away, your alarm is going to go off if any motion occurs. so you will get an alert that the alarm is going off. At that point you can see inside the app which sensor has set it off.

You should simply disable motion alerts altogether

Why would I want the Motion Detector to detect “my” motion when I am home & the Alarm System is disarmed?

I already have it to not detect motion when armed in the Home mode.

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Don you are correct it will still be on and working. Fortunately even under those conditions the batteries last for a very long time if they are fresh.

While you make a great point and logically we should be able to turn them off if we want to, I don’t think any of the sensors have some sort of on board on off switch.

Honestly I don’t think it would save much battery, I am fairly sure they use as much power wether detecting motions or not. Only way to save battery power would to be turning it off completely but then there would be no way to turn it back on remotely And being Wireless is the kind it’s thing

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Will there be a feature release any time soon to disable alerting/monitoring of motion sensor when the alarm is ste in disarmed mode?


I agree. We just installed ours last week. I am constantly get text notifications that there were movement in rooms when the alarm is set to DISARMED. I have recently tiurned off the Motion Alerts and that solved that problem. But like the IP stated, why is there not a place to enable/disable monitoring of those devices when the mode is set to DISARMED?


All sensors in disable mode are turned off by default. You can read about the modes here.

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It’s a straigt forward concern that you should understand if you know your product. It’s very anoying to say the least that you have the system disarmed and to still be getting motion alerts on your phone. There is the option which allows you to select which sensors that you want to monitor in home & armed mode. Even if you deselect the motion sensors and leave just the door contacts, you keep getting alerts. It feels like there is a feature which does not work as it is supposed to. It just doesn’t make sense to have to bve receiving alerts when your alarm is not in monitored mode. I’ve had basic alarms which disabled this. I should not have to go in an manually disable receiving alerts each time. Please improve on this!!!


For me, it does NOT make sense to have motion sensor alerts on at all, ever, because when in away mode, my alarm system is monitoring them and will alert me if the alarm goes off, along with the reason…I don’t also need a motion detector alert in this situation. Keep it simple.

@DonC is exactly right. This is an obvious feature that is logical and necessary.

If the system is disarmed…

Having it detect you or your family’s motion adds no good security benefit, wastes the battery, and creates too many unnecessary events.

It really depends on where you put the motion sensor. If you are like most families, in a main area is most-likely where it’s going.

If you have it setup in a garage or some room that doesn’t get many motion events, it might make sense to want to know about all motion in that area.

This needs to be a feature within the app - disable motion detection when system set to “Disarmed”.


I completely agree that having motion alerts on your phone go off in “Disarmed” mode is stupid and a waste of battery. I just moved and purchased this Ring security system and do like it with the exception of the motion detector. I have uninstalled the motion and will not use it unless they fix this issue. I had Xfinity Home Security at my old house and at least they gave you the option not to have motion active while disarmed. The only time I want motion on is when I set it to away mode

I assume that the people of “Ring” do not read these forums, because if so, I think they would have made the update by now.


Very simple and straightforward issue/problem was raised it’s pitty that no objective response (let alone solution) was provided for such a long time. It is obvious that motion detectors just do not communicate with base station when in home mode but keep bothering us with alerts. Bottom line is that unlike other detectors it is less intelligent.

Wish you good health and keep safe.

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Actually, with the new app update, it looks like they added this feature to allow you to set the motion alerts and monitoring more spedifically when in Home or Away mode.

For us, we went into the Mode Settings in the specific motion detector and was able to select how we wanted the motion to detect. In the new app update, you can select the motion to arm and monitor in both home or away mode.

This is what we wanted to achieve as now we have more options in how we wanted the motion sensor to alert and monitor. Thanks Ring for listening and always improving! :slight_smile:

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