Motion sensor 2nd gen eats batteries

Hi all, have a 2nd gen motion sensor in the corner of the living room. This unit is eating it’s batteries every 2-3 days. It is a high traffic area. Tried resetting to factory settings and what not. Everything works fine except for the battery drain.
Whilst in disarmed mode it keeps track of all movements. What can I do except removing the unit? My former alarm used a beacon (sort of ping) when disarmed to tell the base station it was still there, but did not use the motion sensor.

I recommend adjusting the motion settings to see if this will improve battery life. In your Ring app:

  • Open the Menu
  • Select Devices
  • Select Alarm
  • Choose your Alarm Motion Sensor
  • Visit Motion Settings

Select the lower detection option for less frequent motion pick up. Alternatively, considering the traffic in an area of your home and different types of sensors could also help. For instance, the Motion Detector might benefit another room in your home more, and Contact Sensor might fit better in this area. I hope these suggestions help! :slight_smile: