Motion Sensing and Link Device

Okay, folks I have mounted a wireless stick up camera gen 3 using a battery and super solar cells. No problem with the battery but no matter how I set up the motion zone the camera will not trigger when it see’s motion, record or allow the link device to chime. Is that camera junk or does it need a firmware upgrade. Live view works well as does snap shots but other than that we get no warning when anyone walks or drives into the set zone. Oh, I got it to work one time and then it seem it will not sense anyone for another 30 minutes. Now that’s really sad. The camera need to sense any motion at any time regardless if it only a few seconds apart. I sure hope RING corrects all this bad stuff really fast.

Need a little bit more info to try to troubleshoot. Are you using smart alerts, and if so what settings do you have enabled? What setting are you using for motion frequency? Do you have one large motion zone or multiple zones?

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Hi @nvrpc1. As @pdeethardt mentioned, more information is needed in order to try and assist with general troubleshooting advice. If possible, can you please share a screenshot showing how you have your Motion Zones set up? Make sure any personal information is blocked out. How you have drawn the Motion Zones themselves is important, but so is the positioning and the angle of your Stick Up Cam.

Yes, we are using smart alerts. Max sensitivity. Set to frequently. One large zone

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@nvrpc1 Thanks for answering those questions. Sometimes having a few separate Motion Zones rather than just one can help fine-tune your settings a bit better. It’s also important to take into account the angle at which you have your Stick Up Cam facing. I have seen some neighbors point their Cameras facing directly at the ground, which will impact how well the motion detection functions. Lastly, make sure you do not have motion detection disabled within the Modes settings.

Mode Setting. I want to make sure my cameras are not interaction with my ring alarm. How do I make sure this does not happen. Oh, the camera’s can sense a person walking but it cannot pick up a vehicle driving by even when I set up two zones of detection per camera. This is really sad to the Nth degree. Please fix with with a firmware upgrade ASAP.

The second part of this dilemma is this. I am using the camera at the bottom of the driveway to trigger the camera at the top and what I am finding is the bottom camera is now not recording but does turn on the top camera. I need them both to record. The recording all all black. So does using a camera to trigger another camera to turn on stop the first camera from recording. I sure hope not since this was never a problem before and I have link three camera before and all worked well.

@nvrpc1 Ring Cameras and Doorbells cannot not trigger the Ring Alarm, but they will still follow the Modes settings you have in place when you change the Mode via the Ring app or the Ring Keypad. The Modes settings allow you to control whether or not your Doorbells and Cameras detect and record motion or not depending on the Mode you have selected.

To clarify, Ring Doorbells and Cameras are designed with the intention of detecting visitors on your property. Typically they are not as likely to catch cars driving by depending on how you have your device angled and positioned. Having two devices linked via the Linked Devices feature should not prevent either device from recording. If you’re seeing black recordings, please review the troubleshooting steps in this Help Center article.

If the steps in that Help Center article don’t resolve your concern, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here for more in-depth assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

We found out how to get the ring stick up camera’s to record vehicles going up and down the driveway and passing past the house. You simply have to go to smart alerts and click on “other motion”, set up two zones and max sensitivity, then link the camera at the bottom of the driveway tell it to trigger the camera at the top of the driveway and turn on ring spot light camera lights between the scheduled times and to trigger a designated chime or chime pro which I bought to make sure a got the best signal to the camera 300 feet away. I now have the bottom camera triggering the top camera, east side, west side, front and back yard so all entry ways are protected.

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