Motion scheduling not working

I have it set not to announce over alexia between x and x time. I have saved the setting and even created another instance but sometimes it works and sometimes not. Why is it not working

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I’m having the same issue. Schedules are set up correctly, I even tried resetting devices and deleting the schedules then reapplying. I’m still getting motion notices when they should be turned off. Any advice Ring Team?

I’m having the same issue with motion scheduling. Tuesday mornings I have up to 3 garbage trucks on both sides of the street so I get up to six motion alarms. I’ve tried to schedule them out - assuming you put in when you DO NOT want alarms but to no avail. I’m still getting them. I think I asked this question once before but cannot find an answer. Seems others are having the same issue. I have a RING 2. And, no I can’t bring my zones down to exclude the trucks or I’d lose detection of people coming onto my porch.