Motion Schedules Not Working

Over the past week or so (after one of the recent updates) my schedules have stopped working. I have to constantly turn notifications on and off on the camera screen, not helpful when I have a lot of different schedules.

I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting the app, deleting all the schedules and adding them again and nothing has worked. Any other ideas or do I just have to wait for Ring to fix their update?

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I have the same issue. Motion schedules don’t work until I manually enable or disable them.

Also, would be nice to be able to select dawn/dusk or Nostradamus of just time for customised schedules.

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If there’s an issue you should report it to Support ( Once enough people have reported the same issue they’ll look into it.
Support doesn’t directly monitor these forums as these are primarily user-to-user.

I have the same exact problem. My (8) Motion Detect Schedules worked fine up to about (3) weeks ago. I even forced a wired spot camera - OFFLINE - to see if it would force a download of new software, but it didn’t happen. I’m also coinciding this failure with the last iPhone Software Update (15.6) as a possible culprit. Are you using an iPhone with the current release (15.6) Software?