Motion Schedule

Hello again, now for the second issue I’m having with my Stick up cam wired. I am setting a ‘Motion Schedule’ to stop getting alerts between 2200hrs and then turn back on at 0700hrs. For some reason the next day I look at the settings and the main alert toggle is off, when I try to turn it on it is saying I have a schedule which is currently on do I want to cancel when I’m outside of these hours. Hope that makes sense and someone can help me please.

Hi @Davyboy16. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. For clarity, is your Motion Schedule still working and this issue is mostly visual? Or is your Motion Schedule not working at all and you are getting notifications during hours you are not supposed to be get notifications. Also, what type of phone are you using and what version of the Ring app is installed?

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Hi, it was just visual as the the slider was greyed out during the day, it does appear to have been sorted out not. thanks.

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@Davyboy16 So glad to hear that your Motion Schedule is working properly now. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile: