Motion Schedule on Security Cam

Hello folks,

So I’m in a bit of a pickle when trying to setup a Motion Schedule on one of my ring security cams.

In short, this device is located in my office, hence, I’d like the motion detection turned off for the time I’m in this room. Ring brought the schedule feature not that long ago and got all excited about it, but it turns our setting it up ain’t as straight forward one would hope. I was looking to setup a schedule between 9:00AM & 7:00PM Mon-Fri, however, when following these parameters, the setup trows back a message saying something like: “From 9:00 - To 7:00 - next day” which it is not what I need. It seems that the new feature doesn’t differentiate between AM and PM and assumes that the starting point is PM, or at least this is the only way I can explain the Next Day message.

Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone else came across something like this in the past and could advise a resolution to my little scheduling challenge.

Thanks all.

Hi @Lucacius22. Is your time displayed in a 24 hour clock format? This Help Center article here will go over some information on setting up Motion Schedules. You can also try setting up Modes for Cameras to see if that can be helpful.