Motion schedule list is empty, but camera thinks there is one. What to do?

I created a motion schedule for my camera, and then I deleted it. My camera still thinks there is a schedule, so it won’t let me turn on Motion Alerts, when I do, it says you need to Turn off schedule, and when I click turn off, it says “Something went wrong”.

Tried to reset the camera, didn’t help, seems like schedule is saved online.

Any help?

If you are using an Android device often the first 2 troubleshooting steps one takes is to delete the app’s cache and try again, and if the fails clear the storage, re-login and try.

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I am using an Iphone, i will try to reinstall the app!

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Deleting and installing the app fixed the issue! Thank you for the tip!

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Hi @ArmeniaX. I’m happy to hear that you were able to resolve this concern! :slight_smile: