Motion schedule does not work - ring spotlight cam solar

Hi guys,

I have been using Ring products for 1,5 year and very pleased with the products.

I just bought a spotlight solar cam for my backyard, and trying to set-up with motion schedule, but it does not work.

I try to set ‘No motion alerts’ on a daytime from 11:00-22:00, but it does not work and keeps alerting me about motions.

  • Is there a max number of hours for motion schedule?

  • I also tried to disable motions alerts on main setting page, but then I get no motions at all.

Please see attached screenshot.

In advance, thanks a lot for replies and help!

Kindly regards


Oslo, Norway

Hey @AndyOslo. I would recommend to completely delete the motion schedule that you have and then re-set it up. Ensure that you also have the most up to date app too, as this could be why it’s conflicting with setting the alerts this way for you.

Please note that the motion schedule is going to be for alerts, and will no stop recording during this time instead, which is why you still see the motion event in your history. If you wish to have the motion completely disabled so that there are no recordings of events, try our new Modes feature!

Hi Chelsea and thanks for reply,

I have tried to completely delete my motion schedule and re-set several times without luck. I still get alerts (notifications). I am aware this will not stop recording, which is okay, however I would recommed Ring to update the software to also disable recordings if motion schedule is active to save the battery.

I have the latest firmware. The Modes feature works, but then I have to manually switch on/off every morning/evening which is timeconsuming and not a good solution.

But, why does not motion schedule work for me? Is it software driven or hardware? I really want to get motion schedule to work which was a dealbreaker when I bought this product for my backyard.

@AndyOslo Could you try removing the Ring app from your phone, reboot your phone (turn it off/on) and then reinstall the Ring app? This will reference your notification preferences, which may have been what was needed. After you’ve done this and logged in, please set a motion schedule for the next couple hours, if possible. This is something you can do right away, and then try to trip the camera? Setting the schedule for a shorter amount of time and right after installing the app will test if you can snooze these notifications. If this still does not work, I recommend to reach out to our support team here.

Thank you for your feedback as well. I think a great idea would be a motion schedule for the Modes feature, as this may help a lot of neighbors as well out. I’ll make sure to pass this onto the appropriate team for you. :slight_smile:

Hi again Chelsea.

I tried to delete the app and restart my iphone twice without any improvments. Tried scheduling with 1 hour, 2 hours, but still get notifications.

So then next step is to reach out to support team?

@AndyOslo Thank you so much for giving that a try! Since it is still failing, please reach out to our support team here to get it cleared up. Let me know how this goes, I would love to hear good news for you! :slight_smile: