Motion’s settings area faulty

Hi, up to now I was happy with the motion setting but I thing that since last software update it doesn’t work as it should. At the front of my property I have ring pro 2nd generation and a solar powered cam. They detect movement of people and cars outside the parameters I have set. I minimized the sensitivity and recreated the zone but nothing works, they still detect any movement outside the setup zone. The problem is I have Alexa dot in my bedroom and during the night keep warning me that there’s a motion on my front door. The only think I could do was to turn Alexa’s voice down because if I use the schedule setting to turn the cameras off on night and there is a real situation I won’t know then. Any suggestions?

Hi there, @Pasquale1! Adjusting the motion settings in your Ring app is certainly a great step. Check out our Help Center article about refining your motion alerts for more tips on fine tuning detection. As you mentioned vehicles being a factor, please also consider environmental factors such as reflective objects and other moving objects (i.e. plants, animals, etc.). If the main concern is the Alexa announcement going off at night, you should be able to disable the announcement in the Alexa app, or place on do not disturb. Just remember to re-enable it thereafter. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue going on with my wired doorbell. Cars driving by and people walking on the sidewalk set off the alert even though my motion zone is my porch only. I’ve got my sensitivity level turned all the way down.