Motion Recording vs Motion Alerts

Just installed a new Pro 2, all went well and working my way through settings. I keep going in circles with one setting though, and I wonder if there is a solution.

I live in a townhome, with my front door fairly near to the public sidewalk. I don’t want a motion notification every time someone walks by, only when they come to my door. However, for security reasons I would like to save video when there is motion on the public sidewalk. I do have the Protect Plan with video storage.

I am able to customize my zone and totally ignore the public sidewalk, however I don’t want to do that if I don’t have to.

Hi @DBS606. Depending on the distance from your Ring Pro 2 to the sidewalk, you may be able to configure your Motion Zones. However, if they are very close, you may not be able to accomplish this. If there are steps leading up to your door, a Wedge Kit might help.