Motion recording prevents doorbell ring view


I have a Ring Doorbell 3 Plus, had over a year without issue. Over the past two months, when someone approaches the door, the motion detects and records, the person then rings the doorbell. Both notifications come through on my iPhone. I chose the one for the doorbell ring to answer and talk to the person - but it’s blank and loading. Presume it is still recording the 30 sec motion clip still, so won’t let me use the camera to speak to the person. Never used to do this and nothing has changed re wifi. Signal strength is still around RSSI-56.

Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions please.


Hi @Danjaq. What happens if you try to activate a Live View directly from the Ring app rather than tapping on the notification when someone rings your Video Doorbell? Have you tried it on another phone or tablet that has the Ring app? This extra information will help figure out what troubleshooting steps could potentially help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Justin, thanks for your reply. Another question please as seemingly unable to create a new post … my doorbell 4 is installed with an side angled wedge. I would also like to buy the wedge kit so it tilts the view downwards. Can the wedge kit attach to the current side angled one? Thanks

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Hi @Danjaq, happy to step in for Justin here. Yes, you can utilize both the Wedge and Corner Kits with each other. You can search the Community by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right to find installation tips from other neighbors who used both the Wedge and Corner Kits as well.