Motion recording / Motion sensitivity

I second this. I am really disappointed with the battery powered options. I have 2 of the wired spotlight camera’s and you can set up zones and it will record for 1 minute, but that’s it. The sensitivity is still lacking though. I still get triggers for housecats even with the sensitivity low. So what ends up happening is I turn off alerts so I am not woken up all night long for false alerts.

I purchased 2 Wyze pan cams for around 40$. They do require power and are made for indoor. I have a silcone sleeve on them and have them mounted outside under some cover. You can add a SD card so there is continuous recording and I can access that via internet. It still uploads about a 30 second clip (that does not require a subscription), but I have that option of seeing more if I want. Wyze’s dectection seems to be much better too.

Ring you need to up your game!

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You can always post a picture of your motion zones here or give us a call at 800-656-1918 to help find the best zones for you and your home. Let us know if we can help.

I’m having problems two or three emotion cams in my home and how do I set up the Sensitivity I can’t seem to find it can someone help thanks

Motion detection is broken (i can only comment on the wired spotligh cams) there is a thread already discussing this.

With regards to motion recording there is way around increasing the minute recording footage (i have the protect plan so not sure if this matters) - there is a solution using a third party app and a android tablet where it automactically shows the live view when there is a notification and you can set the keeping the live veiw open time limit (so automactically increses the recorded time), i have it currently set to 10mins.