Motion/recording for FedEx delivery "missed"

Thank you so much for your research, makes perfect sense! I’ve had my doorbell camera a week and with 3 different deliveries with no motion capture. Yet, triggers everything else. Thank you again.

Has there been any resolution to this issue yet? I’ve just scanned through the multitude of replies, the vast majority are reporting the same issue:
"Ring Video Doorbell detects all motion within the detection range with the only exception being FedEx, UPS, Amazon deliveries.

The vast majority of responders here are fed up with Ring support telling us to change settings. Why would anyone with trouble shooting experience even suggest that when the VAST MAJORITY OF RESPONDERS SAY THAT THEIR CURRENT SETTINGS ARE WORKING PERFECTLY FOR EVERYTHING, I REPEAT EVERYTHING, EXCEPT UPS, FedEx, and Amazon.

The vehicles used by UPS, FedEx, Amazon are no different than any other vehicle that is detected. The UPS, FedEx, Amazon delivery people are not zombies, they are human and should be detected just like 100% of the other humans that get detected.

Good trouble shooting logic would ask “What is different about these vehicles and people that might cause them to not be detected?” The difference is OBVIOUS!!! They are all carrying an electronic device that is always on, always communicating. It is a scanner that they use to scan the package delivered. DUH, that is how delivery confirmation gets updated to their tracking. Several responders here have suggested that some type of device employed by USP, FedEx, Amazon is causing the problem. WHY DOESN’T RING SIUMLATE THIS THEMSELVES???

Wake up customers, RING isn’t that dumb, they know this is the issue and they have no solution.
Wake up RING, just be honest, tell customers you have no solution and stop wasting our time with setting changes that don’t work.

Balogna! Do your read before responding. It’s exceedingly clear that my Ring set up is detecting anyting and everything with the exception of FedEx, UPS, and Amazon.

First of all, any vehicle the size of FedEx, UPS, Amazon that passes by my home is detected. Any vehicle of any size that stops even momentarily in front of my home gets detected. But UPS, FedEx, Amazon are the only ones not detected. Any person that comes anywhere near my detection zone at any speed is recorded. The guy that reads the gas meter gets picked up walking through my yard not even at the front door. I live on a very quiet street, so vehicle and human traffic is well spread out, in other words, events aren’t frequent enough to cause the system to miss some. Delivery people aren’t moving that fast to cause the system to miss them even if they are running. In addition to that, they stop to scan the package. I have watched them walk to my door (not run) place the package down, scan the package, and walk back to their truck. Ring did not record, detect, or announce anything. But it does when I go out to retrieve the package. These are the same symptoms many others have reported here.

Why does Amazon deliveries never get recorded by my Ring doorbell? I have personally watched 100’s of deliveries to my porch not get recorded by my Ring. When I go retrieve my package it records me and notifies me immediately. False advertising by Ring and Amazon is jamming the Ring from recording and notifying me. I read this is very common and there’s zero way this is a problem with my Ring device only!

Okay, I thought it was me, but I have the same issue. Today I found a package at my door when I returned home. I received no notification from Ring. When I opened my app, I saw a still picture of the delivery guy taking a picture of my delivered package. When I tapped the video to play, it disappeared (like it was never recorded). There is something to this, and I think Amazon has something to do with the removed recordings!

Hi @widowspyder. Check out the marked solution in a similar post here for some helpful troubleshooting tips on missed deliveries. As @SolarEclipse mentioned, you may need to adjust your motion settings. It can take some trial and error to find the combination of settings that works best for your home, so don’t be afraid to change settings and test different combinations out. :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. So I bought a wired camera system on top of the ring door bell. Amazon deliveries are definitely being blocked by my regular Amazon delivery driver. I called Amazon and complained. It quit for 1 day and started back up again. All you can do is wait for the class action suite to begin and give negative reviews on delivery. They are making your home unsafe. I have documented the deliveries and the Attorney General is working on it. Keeping complaining folks. You paid for the safety.

Video Doorbell 2 fails only during a package delivery. The Doorbell records motion events without any problems except when a package was delivered recently. The Doorbell sends no notification but records a black video. The unit does have an event in the event history but when the event is played back, the entire video is a black screen. The unit worked fine an hour or so before the package delivery and worked fine after the delivery. This is a firmware bug related to package deliveries. This problem has been known to Ring for a year or two. Ring continues to blame user settings instead of fixing the problem. By the way, the VD2 when hardwired , suddenly stopped charging for many users. This is another firmware bug that has existed for more than a year which Ring has not fixed. So, the security camera event recording is unreliable and the hardwired doorbells are failing to charge. Seems like Ring doorbells are more like expensive toys than security units.

I’ve found many complaints about Ring doorbells and cameras not recording Amazon and other deliveries. My camera triggers when I walk up but why not them? So many posts on this but I haven’t seen Ring offer any input. I have two cameras aimed at my front door and a package was left 3 feet below my doorbell today and I received NO notification. Ring is, therefore, useless.

I’ve spent nearly an hour on the phone with support and I dont’ seem to be getting anywhere. Obviously FedEx drivers are using some kind of Jammer or Ring has made some kind of deal with FedEx to ensure their drivers aren’t recorded. My camera will pick up a random leaf blowing around, but not a 200+ lb man walking up to my porch to pretend to knock on my door and walk away. I had planned on purchasing a few more Ring cameras, but I’ve now changed my mind. I wish I could get a refund for the one I have.

Thought it was just me

I tested 3 times when FedEx came (i watched through my front door peep hole) And ring failed to report

I have zones setup as well as package detection. Very strange Ring fails to detect

It also failed to detect twice… when my neighbors car was broken into

I came out to pickup package and it detected me… just when i renewed for another year… im regretting this service

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