Motion/recording for FedEx delivery "missed"

Doubt it; I’ve had my Ring Doorbell for years and inspite of trying different settings, it has always been unreliable.

The audio is bad, too. About a year ago, it stopped allowing me to hear people at the door. They can hear me but I cannot hear them. I’ve reset and checked all the permissions, etc. Still doesn’t work. If I didn’t also have two cameras (which by the way, also are spotty) and an alarm system by Ring, I’d probably look for something else.

Same thing happened with me & my sis delivery, the package was there but the delivery guy didn’t show up on the cam.
What is fed ex hiding??

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I have started to replace Ring with Wyze. They at least can catch all motion and record. Gave up on my Ring Doorbell. Just sorry I purchased a full Ring setup, that I am now replacing.

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This is pretty unbelievable that RING doesn’t know what’s going on here after all these posts. Mine did not record a FedEx delivery yesterday and had worked fine for ALL deliveries until just recently, but all other motion is recorded just fine. If these drivers are using jammers, you would think RING would want this to stop since it makes their product worthless.


I got the ring because last week two boxes were “delivered” at 2:12 pm by USPS but not in front of my door when I opened it. There were two other packages that were “delivered” at 2:29 pm. I placed a report to USPS which I have not heard back from. In any event I thought why not get the Ring to mitigate this issue and ensure I know when packages get to my front door. Got the ring, still in my free 30-day trial and I notice the message of unavailable footage and then no capturing of when deliveries were being made. This very AM I was tracking the replacement package of the missing boxes of last week. So I was aware as to when the driver was getting to my door. I am expecting to hear the chiming but nope, nothing, so I hit live feed and there I capture the driver leaving my property getting into her vehicle and going to her next delivery. So riddle me that??? If I would not be aware of the exact time the driver was leaving the package on my door I may have had to replace the package for a third time. Yet captured on live feed??? If jamming the signal is a thing by delivery drivers why wouldn’t it be for others with malicious intent??

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I was thinking the same thing if drivers can scramble the signal then who to say that the common thief can not purchase the same device from Amazon. Which leads me into who actually own Ring I am not 100% sure but my research leads me to believe that Amazon purchase Ring in 2018 but I am not too sure. Just kinda mind blowing that a product that is sold for safety is not very safe and has many flaws and not a peep out of Ring… Just a high priced doorbell!


Another fedex delivery at my front door yesterday. Again no notice or record by my Ring Doorbell2. Ring is either negligent or incompetent or complicit. No excuse for not resolving issue after all this time and all the complaints.

We have the same thing happening! I was thinking it could be the jammers as many mentioned, but we were out of town and asked a neighbor to take in a package that was delivered and he was not picked up either! He does not carry a jammer so I am pretty sure this isn’t what is really happening. Package was there and then it was gone. Interesting that the video goes black whenever the person should come into view. My husband and I played around with it and there were areas we could walk near our porch and not get picked up at all. But picks up every car that goes by. This would all be in the exactly straight line direction and not from a different angle. Really strange and is clearly not just us! Very disappointing.

Guys Ring has to do something. Today I was out blowing leaves and the FedEx guy pulled up in front of my house I watch him go around to the back of his van grab my package, walk to porch and sit it down, so I go in about 20 minutes later and watch the video and there was 4 new videos first one was me walking in front of door blowing leaves , then me again but I noticed that the FedEx truck was sitting in front of my house, third one was me again blowing more leaves and oddly the FedEx truck was still there with his back truck door open but no driver to be seen very odd and the last one was me again with box on porch no FedEx driver nor truck. So basically if I decide to rob my own house I will get footage to help convict myself. I have read 1000 of these type of post where this is an issue what’s up Ring lets get this fixed…


I have noticed this as well. Numerous times now. With FedEx and UPS, but not USPS. I can’t believe how many others have reported this.

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Wow, crazy to see this isn’t just us! I have a brand new Ring 3, records literally every time a family member walks up or near from porch. But let UPS, Amazon or Fed Ex deliver and it never once has recorded them! I even get pictures of the packages left right in front of my ring for confirmation from Amazon! So driver has walked up to my front porch, placed package, taken a picture and walked back to truck and not ONCE activated the motion detector directly in from of him. Yet I go out the front door for 3 seconds to grab the package and it records and alerts on ME immediately. I call BS. Something is really off about this, especially since we have all said the same thing.

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This is still an extremely frustrating issue RING. A very real problem that needs to be addressed. I have video evidence of it, why not reach out to us CUSTOMERS and let me provide you with the videos (or lack there of). I have multiple cameras, lights, and security system. I’ve endorsed ring for years to multiple friends and family. Unfortunately, this may no longer be the case. “Joe” above, is absolutely spot on with his description. Please start listening to the users… this article is not hard to find.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I have the same issue where I can see every car go by in the road, but I don’t see a UPS or FedEx delivery until the truck is already leaving. It really defeats the purpose of the doorbell. People make it all the way to the door, and we don’t get any recording until they press the ring button.

I cannot have any confidence that this device is going to help us if it can’t even perform under the most optimal conditions.

I had a long discussion with a very honest, knowledgeable support tech this week about this very topic (among others). In essence there are two ring doorbell motion detection technologies - (1) the ring pro / elite and (2) everything that came before.

My ring 2020 version falls into category 2. It has very good motion detection across the range of view (eg. from left to right). It does not have good detection with motion which comes right at it. It has something to do with heat detection. There is less variance in heat when a body is coming straight on. (Ring : If I am misrepresenting this please correct me).

This functionality is different in the newer technology devices.

You (and I) may not like it but my doorbell is working 100% as designed.
I have come to the view I will be happy if the device acts as a decent video/audio doorbell (which I still need to put to its paces) and if I enable motion at some point and it ‘happens’ to capture something important - that is simply luck.

Scout’s honor - that is what I understood I was being told.

Thank you for the information you provided, that’s very helpful information to know, and I wish that Ring were more up-front and quick to provide this kind of information.

Unfortunately, it sound like the best and most brutally honest summary of this response is: This is a design flaw. The camera does not operate as advertised, but it does operate as designed.

Please don’t take my word for it. Someone from ring should confirm (ideally here) that I properly understood what I was being told. (I am an old man :-))

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Having the exact same problem. Packages dropped off at night do not set off motion detection even when the driver takes a picture with a flash. My Amcrest security camera catches it all. Mean while a truck or 3ven a small cat during the day triggers the motion alarm. My original Ring worked fine. Ring Pro 3 doesn’t. Don’t you test your products?

Just jumping on the bandwagon here, its not motion issues. Its specific Fedex, UPS and Amazon delivery drivers at my location. Mostly I would just like one to post anonymously somewhere to explain why they do this.

My Ring Doorbell 2 does not detect or record FedEx Deliveries.
I have a narrow approach to my front door area, so there is only one entry and egress path no wider than 4 feet. My Ring Doorbell 2 picks up everything else, cars and trucks passing by but not FedEx or UPS trucks. It picks up the Mail man using the same narrow approach. It picks up curious deer coming up to my front door late at night and my neighbor cutting their grass, family members entering and exiting the same area that a delivery person uses. Everything is captured except the FedEx/UPS guys.

I have tried a multitude of sensitivity and zone settings. These changes don’t effect much of anything. Everything that comes anywhere near my narrow entry area gets captured except FedEx deliveries. FedEx deliveries are the only motion that is not detected. My wife happened to notice a FedEx truck in front of our house on the last one. There was no ring notification and no video capture of the truck or the delivery person, but it did detect and record my wife going outside the door to fetch the package as the truck was leaving.

We have seen many posts here on this issue. Moderators reply with ‘try this setting, try that setting’ with no positive results that I have seen. The issue is not in the user settings. Many of us believe the issue is with the handheld scanners that FedEx and UPS delivery drivers use to scan that the package has been delivered. There is some sort of interference that causes the Ring Doorbell not to communicate with our wifi networks. These handheld scanners are always active, not just when the delivery person makes a scan.

My Ring Doorbell picks up every vehicle passing by my home, cars, SUV’s, contractor trucks, school buses, garbage trucks. The only vehicles that are not picked up are FedEx and UPS trucks.

I think users are tired of being advised to try different settings, and call customer service to be told only to try different settings.

It is time for Ring to test their devices in a situation where the FedEx/UPS scanners are accompanying the person or vehicle being tested for motion detection. One of the reasons people buy a Ring Doorbell is to be notified when a delivery has been made. If it only notifies and records the thief stealing the package, it’s too late.

Just got the ring doorbell 3. Picks up everything from cars 30 feet away even if it’s not in my motion zones. People walking .rabbits on my steps. Me coming in and out. But it refuses to pick up any packages that are drop off. It’s not a coincidence it’s a known issue they block the Wi-Fi so they don’t get recorded. That goes from Amazon,UPS and Fed ex. I was trilled with my ring and still I’m… but the one time…just one time I needed ring to record the package delivery it didn’t. Bc the person working for Amazon had a blocker and also broke one of my lights on my lawn. But if course I have no recording but I do have a recording of me getting the package once I heard him throw it.( Bc I work from home) and by the time I got upstairs he was gone and I open the door and ring goes off without any issues. But if course didn’t record the one time I needed it so I can go BK to Amazon and show proof that this person threw the package and broke one of my lawn lights. What the purpose of recording things out out of your motions zones non stop but can’t record a simple package delivery. This goes for UPS and FED ex. I have about 9 days left on this trail period. And I was considering paying the 3 dallars but I might have to think about it now and pass bc what the point on having something that should record everything but records what ever it wants and when ever it wants. Every single car the pass by it goes off. And it’s not in my zone… and I don’t need an explanation on my motion zones and how it needs to be fixed. Or my motion alerts and intensity needs to go up because it’s all up all the time. And you guys just give the same reply to everyone that has the same issue. We all know they are blocking it but you refuse to acknowledge it and try to find a solution around it but yet want everyone to continue to pay $3 a month. Like I said I’m still in my trial period with 9 days left and what I’ve seen so far it catches everything that’s not supposed to be caught on camera but the things I need to be caught like today and many other days when it’s a package delivered it some how doesn’t go off. perhaps Amazon is in on it bc they sell these jammers. Anyway bottom line it’s not the ring doorbell, it’s the jammers and instead of trying to give the customer the run around just admit it and do something about it. Like I said the one time I wanted it to work it didn’t. But it has no problem picking up a rabbit on my front steps or people walking a dog…but a fully grown man throwing a package.thsts when the ring decides not to record. Makes you wonder. It’s sad bc I do like ring.

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