Motion/recording for FedEx delivery "missed"

New to ring2 doorbell.

A FedEx package was delivered today. There wasn’t any motion notification, nor was there a video of the package being delivered.

There WAS motion detected and recorded when I picked up that same package. What is going on?

I’ve read that it is possible for deliveries to interefere with the doorbell.


I have same problem. I think it has something to do with light sensitivity and heat. motion sensor works by heat. My videos are washed out with light and I never see delivery until they walk away.

It happened to my doorbell 2 many times.

It also randomly did not detect motion in the evening and at night too (no video captured).

My conclusion is that Doorbell 2 motion detector is unreliable.


Hello neighbors, have you had a chance to speak with our support team yet regarding this? There are different settings and installation tips that can help you optimize your Doorbell’s set up. They would be happy to go through these steps with you :slight_smile:

I’ve read all of the support responses, tried all of their suggestions - nothing works. Either I have a defective unit, or the sensor is not very capable. Am evaluating alternatives…

Similar problem, several recordings this am but no recordong or alert for an Amazon delivery. How long does it take for Video Camera 2 to “reset” after a capture? I have no problem with distance, etc. as most motion captures are fine. This was at 10:46am so no issue with light, etc.

Follwup, I am going to mount an Arlo camera for backup to my Ring Doorbell.

Same problem. Packages delivered but no video. Passing cars 30 feet away activate the Ring Doorbell2 camera, but Fedex and Amazon delivery drivers never show up. People that walk slowly show up when three to four feet from camera. very puzzling.


I am having the same problem with my floodlight cam! It consistently misses UPS and Fedex trucks. It picks up cars going up and down my driveway, animals, or even spiders, but somehow it misses these trucks more often than it sees them. I have my driveway completely covered in the motion area so I don’t know how it is missing them. Almost seems like it specifically ignores these large vehicles. Color me highly NOT impressed with the performance of this camera.

I just started having this problem in the couple of months? Was there an update pushed? I’m missing things on multiple cameras as I have two that cover the front of my house (doorbell and camera) and both miss some events (yesterday’s confirmed UPS delivery as an example). I also have the motion sensing lights coming on when it’s dark out but without anything getting recorded. This entire set up is pretty worthless to me if it doesn’t record properly…

To be clear, this seemed to be working properly for over a year? a year? before it started missing motion events recently… about the time the home/away/disarmed stuff was added is when this seemed to start happening?

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It appears to be WiFi deauthentication. Our package came to the front door while we were in the living room (next to the door). My wife was trying to use the echo and it was just not working. This was around 4:45.

Later I received an email saying my package was delivered by Amazon at 4:45.

Although the camera is right at the door, my camera did not pick up the driver pulling up to the house, walking up to the door, placing the package on the steps to take the photo, or walking away. What made me go on my information binge and disregard those “coincidence people” is because the jammer interfered with the Alexa device when we were trying to use it. That was clear signal interference. This has happened in the past, where we would get packages, but nothing was recorded. Of course, we see several posts about coincidences and check your equipment, but let’s get real… if this happened to just only us, then perhaps, but this is happening all over.

The delivery drivers are jamming the 2.4 GHz frequency on the WIFI. The Blink, Arlo, and Ring (most models) use that frequency (see below). The 2.4 GHz spectrum will allow devices to have a longer range when compared to 5 GHz. It makes sense as people may want to spread out the cameras. Of course, the downside is that it is susceptible to these attacks.

Blink Specs:

Ring Specs:

Amazon sells the jamming / deauthentication devices:

And you can see how to create them online:


"The use of a phone jammer, GPS blocker, or other signal jamming device designed to intentionally block, jam, or interfere with authorized radio communications is a violation of federal law. There are no exemptions for use within a business, classroom, residence, or vehicle. Local law enforcement agencies do not have independent authority to use jamming equipment; in certain limited exceptions use by Federal law enforcement agencies is authorized in accordance with applicable statutes.

It is also unlawful to advertise, sell, distribute, import, or otherwise market jamming devices to consumers in the United States."

And yes, while WiFi deauthentication is not 100% the same as jamming, it is still treated the same by the FCC. There are real consequences.

PLEASE, let’s start reporting these incidents to the FCC and hold Amazon accountable as well as the drivers accountable.

*While we do have a real security system, it still bothers me that people are circumventing the system (illegally) and coming on my property. I do like my ring doorbell and other cameras, however, I will be gradually replacing them with PoE cameras as well as adding more cameras that work directly with my real security system.


Hello @Regular_Joe, Sorry to hear about your concern with Live View on your Echo Show and package delivery recordings. This Community article has a lot of helpful information and tips for optimizing your Motion Settings to help you get the best motion detection for your device’s particular location. However, with your mention of concerns with your Echo Show at the same time the Doorbell is going, it may be a wifi interference concern between the two devices or a signal strength concern. If there is not enough bandwidth available for both devices to run at the same time, this concern could occur.

It would be best to follow the steps in this Community article to determine if your wifi setup is able to support both devices running at once. Please know that it’s important to also consider what other wifi enabled devices (phones, tablets, computers, etc.) are also using your bandwidth in your home. The speed test results you receive will need to double what is needed for your Ring device and Echo Show to run smoothly, and that is with no other wifi enabled devices using your bandwidth at the same time.

Wow. I’m actually kind of disappointed and perplexed as to why you would try to push that
advice. Read what I wrote… this is not a issue specific to Ring.

It also has nothing to do with my setup or anyone else’s (and it was just the Echo FYI). It is not a coincidence that the ONLY time there are issues (only a small hand full of times, this is rear) is during deliveries and during that VERY small and specific window. The echo doesn’t Interfere with the ring. It is actually configured perfectly. When someone who isn’t trying to circumvent the system presses the doorbell, the echo will chime the alert. It is a wonderful system. This time, the delivery guy got caught. The delivery guy came directly to my front door and placed my package in front of my ring. After the delivery person had left, I went out there to retrieve my package and of course the doorbell works. The light had not changed outside and my system is sensitive enough to consistantly pull cars from the street. The device works perfectly fine and is configured just fine.

1 - Doorbell works all day
2 - The doorbell captures cars going by
3 -The doorbell captures motion in my yard
4 - The doorbell works if you are standing a foot in front of it
5 - The only time the doorbell did not work do not work that day is when the delivery guy stood 1 foot in front of it and placed down my package.
6 - When I open the door and stand outside, the doorbell captured me.
7 - When I walked out further the doorbell captured me
8 - When I walked out to the street the doorbell was still capturing me and sending alerts
9 - The signal interference was picked up on two devices using the same 2.4 GHz frequency at the same exact time the delivery guy came to the door drop off the package. That never happened before, and it never happened after… ONLY when he delivered the package.

Again, known fact. You do not have to lie and deflect known technical issues on customer setup. THIS IS A KNOWN ISSUE with the underlying technology, not Ring specifically.

Fortunately, I’ve earned my masters in Computer Forensics, my CISSP, CEH, and Security+. I have more years in IT than I care to admit and for IT Security, just shy of 9 years. I understand security vulnerabilities.

I am not mad at ring. Ring has other wonderful devices that can prevent jamming. I still believe in Ring and they make GREAT products, but when I want real security, I lean on my ADT system (including cameras), that do not use the 2.4 frequency.

I know you are just doing your job, but the response really disappoints me. I actually think I am more disappointed in the response than the actual product. I have no problem buying another ring knowing that there is the limitation of the frequency, however, the response to customers trying to make them believe the problem is elsewhere is just irresponsible and insulting. I approach things from a logical technical standpoint.

Thankfully there is another ring community question that has already mentioned the jamming and the solution:

Regardless of Ring’s shifting of the blame IT professionals know the truth and anybody can look online and do their own research.


I have the same issue with my device. Picks up passing cars but nothing for delivery where person walks up my driveway, turn around takes a picture of the package at the door and walk back down the driveway and there is no motion detected nor video. This is an ongoing occurance for us.


Oh my goodness!! Same thing is happening to me and it’s only with FedEx packages. I’ve just had in the last week 3 to 4 packages delivered with no notification and no pick up of anything on my camera as far as a delivery truck. The packages have also been delivered at different parts of the day so the lighting is different each time.


I was just on the line for almost 30 minutes with someone from Ring, but nothing was resolved. I had already gone through all of the troubleshooting, so the representative was trying to connect me with someone else, but it ended up being a weight of almost 30 minutes. He said he would have to call me back tomorrow night at 7:00. I have several packages coming in over the course of the next week and I want to be able to get them off the front porch as soon as possible. It’s hard to do that when you don’t even know that a package is even arrived; and in these cases, forever reason, The FedEx drivers do not ring the doorbell whereas UPS drivers will at least ring the doorbell.

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FedEx delivery is known to toss packages. Mine walks halfway up and tosses the boxes into my porch. I don’t catch him on my Ring but do in my DVR system. The mailman and UPS show on Ring all the time for me…

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Wow! You know I actually mentioned to my daughter that I wonder if they are just tossing packages. UPS and USPS always ring the doorbell or at least knock when they leave a package. Nothing from FedEx.

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I have the same problem with UPS. I find it very frustrating and somewhat suspicious. It’s like they are wearing a Harry Potter cloak of invisibility cape when they come to the door. I never get a recorded video of any UPS delivery. Just an email later on saying the package was delivered. It’s very sneaky and I don’t know why! This is not good for UPS because if a package is mis-delivered there’s no video record of them delivering the package to my address ???‍♀️ I have also noticed my wifi will cut out and then come back. I caught a UPS driver coming to the door by luck one day bc there was no notification of movement and I saw my WiFi on my phone was off. Are they jamming the signal to avoid detection? It only happens with UPS.


It’s the opposite with me. It’s been FedEx.