Motion recording fails

I have a new wireless floodlight cam which is a few weeks old. It initially worked well, but now it fails to record motion alerts. However, live view works fine, I have good signal strength, and two other floodlight cams work well on the same network.
I phoned Ring support and after about 30 minutes of trying various things support told me they would send a free Chime Plus to boost the signal strength to the camera. I’m sceptical this will fix the problem but I’ll give it a go.
When I queried why live view would work fine but motion would not, support said that they use different mechanisms to upload video and that my motion alerts are losing too many packets. This was news to me, but I’m putting this information out in case anyone else is experiencing the same problem. I still think that the camera is faulty but I’ll update this post as things progress and I (hopefully) get a resolution…

Hi @Bearddude. Thanks for sharing. Be sure to keep us updated!

Update on this issue. It transpires that my Spotlight cam is faulty. It records motion events during the daytime but only records intermittently (or not at all) at nighttime. I had to go through a few iterations of support calls and attempted fixes with Ring support but they’ve now agreed to supply a replacement.