Motion problems with Floodlight cam

Hi all,

New Ring user and have just had a Floodlight cam installed on my front driveway, along some others.

I’m having big problems with this driveway camera… I’m on a main road and have it installed over a tiled bay window so part of the view is of the tiles. In the evening just as it’s got dark it’s busy with cars. During this time, both the motion detection notifications and light go on constantly from what I can only think is reflections off the tiles and side of my car of car headlights. I’ve dialled the motion zone/sensitivity right to the lowest and the motion light right back to the lowest in only the straight ahead area and still get the problem. To make it worse, I literally drove my own car onto the drive yesterday and the light didn’t even come on!

Any ideas? Is it the positioning of camera? Thinking it might possibly help if I bring it down lower to the side of the bay window rather than directly above higher?


Put the Sensitivity back to default and just set up a custom motion zone that excludes the main road and your tiles.

Thanks for the suggestion, but have already done this for motion and still get get constant alerts, I think from light reflections on the car.

The motion light does not have a custom zone, only a slider to make the area smaller, so it’s this that is being triggered by the tiles I think.

Hi there, @GoonerByron! It looks like you’ve explored most of the related settings to fine tune this experience. The field of view for lights to trigger is much greater than the motion detection field of view. With this in mind, fine tuning your primary motion detection will help for alerts, but the lights are limited to decreasing or increasing sensitivity, as you know.

As you mentioned mounting elsewhere, or repositioning, this could work, noting the height requirement for optimal detection is around 9 feet high. In addition to avoiding reflective surfaces, heat sources can also set off these lights. Luckily lights triggering do not send notifications, so optimizing the primary motion detection will help the most. There is also a motion scheduling option in the Ring app, however, this scheduling does not prevent lights from triggering. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: