Motion problem Spotlight Cam Mount wired

Just installed Spotlight Cam Mount, wired. Have it set for People only as we have a colony of feral cats on our farm. At night, the light continually goes on and off as the cats walk by. It is like trying to sleep with a flashing sign outside my window! Any idea how to stop this strobe light show?

Hi there, @Celticolleen! There are a few settings in the Ring app that can be adjusted for this scenario. Visit your Spotlight Cam page in the Ring app, select Device Settings, and then select Light Settings. Altering these should help.

Another great option is Camera Light Schedules, in which you can set a negative schedule that keeps the lights off for a certain time. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

And this will not affect the cameraโ€™s ability to record a legitimate problem?

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You got it, @Celticolleen! Utilizing Light Schedules will only impact your lights in a manner that you desire, but will have not impact on your live view or motion events or recordings. :slight_smile:

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But in trying the schedule, it looks like it will not turn lights on for a legitimate issue if I do thst.

Hi @Celticolleen. Happy to Chime in for Marley here. Correct. Using a Light Schedule will override the lights that come on with regular use. You can also try adjusting your Motion Settings to see if that will reduce the amount of light activations. I would also. ensure that your Spotlight Cam has the proper positioning in accordance with this Help Center article here. This will ensure the most accurate motion detection.

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