Motion outside of motion zones with Smart Alerts

Sometime within the last 3 weeks my Battery Doorbell Plus begin identifying cars as person well outside of the motion zone. When I disable smart alerts it works as normal within in the motion zone. During the day I get a lot of deliveries and not all the drivers ring the bell so I need to enable smart alerts. This issue is causing me to change the battery several times a week

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In order for me to get smart alerts to work properly within the motion zones I had to enable all three alerts. Then I had to move the zone back in order not to pickup too many vehicles.
I’m not sure if this issue is due to a previous update but before I was able to have my motion zone extended with only person and package alerts enabled with very little issues

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Wireless front door ring bell.
Set up the motion zones BUT it is not respecting the setup.
I so wish I could post a snapshot of the problems.
It carries on telling me there is motion because there is a car passing on the road, though I setup the boundaries within the driveway.
Also strangely it does not always warn of visitors.
I am paying a subscription so pardon me if I get upset!

I am encountering same problem.
And it also warn me of motions when the sun shine on the door but in other instances it totally forget to warn me somebody is at my door.

Hi @Dnell410 @PatriciaMarchand. It would be helpful if you could both share some screenshots of what your Motion Zones look like, as well as some video examples of motion being detected outside of these zones. I’d be happy to check with my team if this type of behavior is intended or not when Smart Alerts are in use. You may need to send multiple replies if you have multiple screenshots, and the Community supports mp4 video files or links to a video hosted on another site, such as YouTube.

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Who cares!
I now have proofs ring staff have access to the server, on the pretext of supporting clients, if one tries to underline there are problems with the products they will make sure little by little your cameras won’t work any more.

Something happened last night, just in front of a ring camera that did not react to anything, but I know because I do have cctv, that is proper one.

So little by little replacing ring with tp-link. Tp-link has battery and wired cameras for in and out, and there is no subscription to pay but you can if you wish to, the recording goes onto a little micro card. One can get good support via email, so you know you are not ignored.
Found the email of ring programmer I will seriously tell him what is going on.