motion on flood light vrs spotlight cam

We purchased a spotlight cam battery and and a floodlight cam hard wired. The flood ight cam I am able to adjust the motion using a box like adjustment that works really well. I am having trouble adujusting the spotlight cam. I have it on the front of the house and it is going off for every car that dvies by. When I pull back the motion on the 3 sections ( it will not allow me to adujust one that I can see) then it no longer covers my walk way. Any suggestions. Do any of the other cameras have the adujustmen that the floodlight camera has but a battery camera as I don’t have electicity where it is located.

Hey @TJ123. Since the Floodlight Cam is a hardwired device, this is why it has customizable motion detection. The Spotlight Cam Wired is something you may want if you have a plug that it could connect to. For the current Spotlight Cam Battery that you have, it does have advanced motion detection, but can still be set off from the reflection of cars that drive by. I recommend to pay with the motion sensitivity slider, maybe have it in the middle area since you have tried it at what sounds like maximum and minimum. You will definitely need to play around with your settings more, and you can always call into our support team here to troubleshoot further if needed.