Motion notifications get disabled all the time

I have a ring door view bell for a month, and I use the iPhone app. I have a recurrent issue: the motion notification switch in the app goes off by itself randomly, and then I don’t receive notifications until I notice it and switch it on.
This is not a camera issue, since the motion events are recorded properly in the cloud. It seems an app bug.
I am the only person using the app, I’m sure it’s not switched off by someone else.
I have triple checked that I have no schedules set for disabled notifications.
I contacted the support, they just told me to remove the app and reinstall it. It seemed to work for about one week, then the issue came back.
Am I the only one having this bug? This defeats the purpose of the cam as my primary use is to be notified of suspicious activity in front of my door…



It seems that restarting the app does indeed reset the notification button. This is an app bug.
How do I escalate this as a bug report? If I call the support they tell me to reinstall the app…

Any idea on this issue? How may I report app bugs?

I’m having the same issue after a month of working properly. I was planning on adding more devices but this is discouraging. I’m going to delete the app and re-install.