Motion notification frequency

How do I adjust the frequency of motion notifications ? I seem to remember setting it to 2 minutes when I first got the doorbell camera, but now I can’t find how to change that to less frequently.

Hi @Johnaldo1. This Help Center article here will have the information you’re looking for. This is called Motion Frequency. Let me know if this helps!

Thanks for the reply Tom.
However, when I follow your link, the instructions don’t resemble what appears on screen.
It says to go to Advanced Settings and then choose a frequency … but that doesn’t appear - I just get “Motion Settings” (see attached)


Hi @Johnaldo1. This feature is only available on specific Doorbell models. If your Doorbell is hardwired, you won’t have this feature, as the purpose of this feature is to preserve battery life. You can always refine your notifications with Smart Alerts if your notifications are too frequent. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes the doorbell is hardwired, so how come I remember making the setting when I first installed it?
I looked at Smart Notifications, and that just seems to turn them off completely, which is of no use whatsoever.

Hi @Johnaldo1. When this feature was first released, both hardwired and battery powered doorbells had Motion Frequency. Since hardwired doorbells can record frequently without having to worry about battery drain, this feature was moved to battery operated devices only. I can certainly pass along your feedback on this to our internal teams.