Motion notification fine but doorbell notifications only 50% of the time

I have a Ring 4 Doorbell and what we are noticing is that we get all the motion notifications fine but when someone presses the doorbell the doorbell notification only comes through to our phone 50% of the time. We’ve tested this over the last week and the doorbell-press notifications are very hit and miss. What is really strange is that the motion of the person walking towards the door triggers a motion notification fine and then they press the door bell and it’s pot luck if the ring notification comes through.

I spoke to the Ring technical team and the man told me that this is because Ring cannot send two notifications within 30second to a minute!!! This makes no sense at all as how can someone ring the door bell without first triggering a motion notification. The technical support person didn’t seem to be able to understand this. I tried explaining as many ways as I could think but he just didn’t get that you need to approach the doorbell before pushing it.

Whist on the phone to support I tested the door bell by walking up the drive (motion notification appeared on my phone!) and rang the door bell. We waited 3 minutes between tests and tested it 5 times in total. Out of the 5 times we tested it, 4 times the door bell notification came through and once it didn’t, in every case the motion notification came through fine. The support guy wouldn’t let me off the phone until I said that the problem was resolved, which it clearly isn’t if it only tells us someone is pressing the bell 4 fifths of the time. His answer: “that’s the way the product is designed…are you happy that the case has been resolved?” NO!! A very frustrating call.

For reference, Internet speeds at the doorbell are 12 download and 10 upload so not a network issue.

Does anyone else have this problem and if so do you know what going on, how to resolve it and bring my blood pressure down? Thanks in advance.