Motion Notification - Disarmed vs Away Mode


I have just bought a new Ring Doorbell 4 with battery.
I also have a complete set up of 13 window sensors, 1 motion detector and 2 stick up cam.

I cannot find what should be a very basic feature :

The doorbell is able to notify me of a movement detection.
But there is no point in doing that while my Ring Alarm is disarmed.
The reason is that while I am home and passing in front of my door, i don’t want to be spam withmovement notification… If i am gardening or cleaning stuff on the frontdoor, there is indeed no point in receiving those notification.

However the notifications are very usefull while i am away (Away Mode) or sleeping with “At home” mode. Is it possible to turn off/on automatically the movement notification based on the activated mode? If not… how is this is not one of the most requested feature? I can’t understand who want to receive a notification each time he is leaving home through its front door for example.

I have a very good example of soemthing that happened to me last week. I disabled the Notification for the reason i mentionned above. When we woke up, my wife found an empty dustbin in front of the door. The camera recorded the moment when a young guy at 1 am on Monday (!) decided to throw a dustbin in front of our door. If the dustbin wasn’t there… i wouldn’t have had the information. With rich notification, when i woke up i can see that something happened right in front of our home.

If what i request is possible, can you guide on how to activate it?
If not… is there any chance that this could be implemented any time soon… i am sure many customers are looking for this.

EDIT : i found that in the mode setting i can set the doorbell to not detect motion while in disarmed mode. However, this is not exactly what i want. If something happen the day, this will not at all record it. I would like to record it… just not to get a notification of the movement itself.


Hi @Giacc. Thanks for sharing your feedback on this. Another option would be to Snooze Notifications while at home. This would allow them to record, but notifications would be paused. You can also setup a Motion Schedule. I hope this helps!

Hi @Tom_Ring ,

Thanks for taking the time to answer, really appreciate that.
My understanding is that the snooze function you are describing is either manual, or upon a rather static & rigid time scheduling. I have a flexible job, sometimes on a monday afternoon I am home, some others i am not… so the schedule is not very usefull and neither is the manual snooze I am afraid.

Do you have any insights that could help me understanding why receiving motion alert only when being away from home isn’t a top request? Is there something I am doing wrong?

I am not sure to understand who would want to receive a notification of a security camera each time there is a movement in the garage for exampel even though they are at home. Ring has the ability to know when nobody is home thanks to the Away mode but makes no use out of it. Why?

Another point is that I have Geofence active inside Ring. So that means that the system knows when I am home or not regardless of the mode. The notification are snoozed automatical for 15 min when I arrive at home. Once again that indicates me that your customers want to reduce the number of non inisghtful notification when someone is home right? Why would someone using geofence be interested in not receiving camera notification while arriving at home for 15 min but then wants his phone to ring each time he passes in the garage to take the grocery out of the trunk 30 min later?

Any chance that dev team includes this in future dev sprints ?
Sincerely and I guess you understood this at this stage, but I am really stunned this is not possible already and quite disapointed by the absence of that obvious USP (vs traditional alarm).

Many thanks again for your time,

Hi @Giacc. Thanks for sharing your feedback on this. I don’t know the processes for how specific features come to fruition. My best suggestion would be to share your thoughts on our Feature Request Board. These Feature Requests are frequently reviewed by different teams and do have an impact on future updates, devices and features. For instance, Geofencing has been a very popular Feature Request and now it is available in the Ring app. We are always looking for ways to improve your experience with Ring. Feel free to link your Feature Request in this thread, so if other neighbors come across it, they can upvote your idea. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: