Motion Not Detected - Increase RSSI?

We have two wireless cameras- the Front camera has signal RSSI-25 and the Garage is RSSI-74. The Front is located within ten feet or so of our router. The Garage camera is located around 50 feet from the router. Between the router and the Garage camera is two interior rooms, a fireplace wall (all brick plus block chimney) and the garage. Would a router booster/extender increase the signal to the Garage camera?

How far outward from the cameras is motion detected?
Once in a while the Front camera will pickup a car on the road (all the way at the top of the view, about 100’ out)

Few more details on the Garage camera-
-It’ll pick up any vehicle coming in/out of the garage
-Does not pickup anyone driving down the long stretch of driveway
-Doesn’t always pickup vehicles sitting the driveway


-25 is great. -74 you probably should try a Chime or Chime Pro closer to the camera. Test the chime in the garage and the room closest to the camera to see where the chime gets a better signal from your router and then change the camera’s network to the chime to see if you get a better RSSI. You want to be closer to 0. -60 or better if possible.