Motion history not visible on app when scrolling left

Hopefully someone can help with this - a bit of a strange one. For some reason I cannot see any motion history on the Ring app on the timeline. All history is visible if I go into history, but has disappeared from the screen whereas up until yesterday it was visible. Anyone know why this is and how to rectify it? The only change made was a password reset to my account. Many thanks!

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Same thing here. History is full but nothing on the timelines. Only broken today.

Same here for all cameras. Issue persists since several hours. Verified on two different phones with different user accounts. Has worked yesterday.

Called support, they said there is a system outage, even though the outage page doesn’t show it.

Hey neighbors. If you visit, you’ll see that there is a temporary regional outage. This could be the cause for you History not being available. Rest assured that our team is working to resolve this issue. Please, if you have anymore questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask!