Motion Frequency

Stick Up Cam (Plug-in)… Settings > Motion Settings > Motion Frequency… What does this really mean?

I understand why you’d want to adjust the Motion Detection Sensitivity, but doesn’t adjusting the Motion Frequency to anything other than “Frequent” kind of defeat the purpose of a motion-activated security camera?

Why wouldn’t you want to capture every detected motion? Isn’t there equal odds between the captured motion being a violent intruder or a Girl Scount selling cookies?

I get the battery conservation thought (although my camera is powered), but unless I completely misunderstand the purpose of this setting, it seems like a rediculous option.

Hey @Falcon. For Motion Frequency, it’s a settings that we give neighbors just in case they need to minimize the amount of times their device is recording or motion is being picked up. We allow neighbors to do this for customization of certain cameras or their overall system. For more in depth information on the differences between them and an explanation for each, you can read into it in our Ring Help Center Article here.