Motion Frequency on Stick Up Cam Battery (3rd generation)

Despite moving my new cam to a different location, motion detection still continues to be problematic. On a few occasions, detection will pick up at 20+ feet; however, most of the time it is around 6 ft. and often it does not detect at all. I am seeking more detailed info regarding the motion frequency settings. I understand that the “sleep” time between detections affects battery life, but long is a “short break”? For example, when I have it set on Regularly, it has taken me as much as 10 minutes before another detection is recorded. Also, are there any other settings that impacts why my detection range is so short most of the time? I do have Motion Sensitivity on Max. TIA

Hi @user56003. We do not have more detailed information on Motion Frequency; we only have the information from this Help Center article. I would also recommend adjusting your Motion Zones to cover more of your Cameras view to see if it helps your motion detection range. You can also try rebooting your Camera using the Ring app. If these additional steps do not help, reach out to our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.