Motion events for Spotlight Camera are 10 minutes long

My ring battery spotlight camera was working fine until I set up a routine that when my camera detects motion to stream this to my echo show 5. I did this by setting up a routine that when motion is detect for the custom phrase “echo show me my ring camera” to play which streams the front yard camera. However this stream does not timeout automatically until 10 minutes later.

This causes my ring spotlight camera battery to stream for 10 minutes which drains the battery extremely fast and causes all my motion events on my app to be delayed by 10 minutes.

Please add a timeout option for the Alexa routine when streaming to an echo show.

Hi there, @sz! A live view or an event that answered live, will stream for up to 10 minutes or until ended by the viewer. While there are different recording length options on the Ring app, these are only for when events occur but are not answered. This will result in a recording in your event history of normal length.

Having a routine or automation for answering a live event, will do just that. Try adding an option for duration or ending the video within your Alexa routine. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: