Motion event slow to activate recording

Hi, so I have my ring doorbell and ring cam set up about a week and a half now. I get a milk delivery 3 times a week so at this stage I’ve had 5 deliveries since installing. The milk man runs across the front of the drive and then up the drive. The first second or two is always blurry and by the time it clears for a good view, he is on his heels heading back out the drive. This is ok because I know who it is but if it was someone I didn’t know, I would have no chance of identifying who it is. I live in a quiet cul de sac so I have sensitivity on both devices at the highest and have both link recording. If someone walks past my driveway it picks up straight away and I can identify who it is. But someone running in is very slow to pick up. Also, I can’t seem to get a motion event to last longer than 30 seconds on either device even though the motion is still active? Is there a way to extend this because otherwise it is pointless having them. All someone has to do is walk into the garden, turn around, wait 30 seconds and then proceed without being recorded.

Hi @Keith86 ! Take a look at this article, written by @Riley_Ring that explains how your Doorbell senses motion . Also, normal recording time for battery powered devices is 30 seconds for unanswered motion alerts and can record for up to 10 minutes for answered alerts. How do you have your Motion Frequency set up? Feel free to also share how you have your motion zones set up as well :slight_smile:

Hi, my neighbour has the black stick up cam battery except in black and his records continuously once the motion is still detected without being in live view. How do I bypass the default 30 seconds because I want the continuous record without the multiple notifications. I don’t mind the extra drain on the battery as I have 2 spares and the cam is easily accessible from an upstairs window.

Sorry that first line should read “the same stick up cam except in black”

And just to say as well, I have a specific reason for this. I work in a location where I cannot bring my mobile and therefore can’t login to live view an alert via the app. Therefore the 30 seconds is pointless and defeats the purpose of why I purchased the cam. I purchased on the basis that the cam continuously records while the event takes place.

Hey @Keith86. Chiming in for Jennifer! For the Stick Up Cam Battery, there is no way to have 24/7 recording at this time. The device is limited to 20-30 second recordings, as it is a battery operated device. You can have your Motion Frequency be at Frequent so that no motion events go unrecorded, and if an event is still ongoing, it should record in a second event the motion if it’s still happening. This will help ensure you have the most of events happening in front of it recorded, but it can drain the battery faster than the defaulted Standard. You can learn more about Motion Frequency here.