Motion detects x3 were offline for 3 weeks, no notification?

Don’t arm Ring much, but went to last night and it said something like “3 devices are offline want to still arm”

I came back and it was 3 motion detects, 2G ones. Today I removed and refitted batteries and shows full battery and connected fine.

My problem is why haven’t I been informed via notification, email that I’ve had 3 devices offline for 3+ weeks. I looked in history and it’s offline from 2nd Nov.

Agreed it told me when trying to arm, but I’d prefer to know beforehand as I didn’t have time to fix then.

Looking in history the base had a disconnection on 1st Nov, I had to unplug and remove batteries as it froze. Then later these 3 motion, I have numerous other motion and contact that were ok though.

Hi @L1111. Upon opening the Ring app, you should see low battery notifications. As a good precaution, you should replace batteries every few years.

The batteries were fine, it’s only 3 months old system. I got no notifications of low batteries.

Upon removing the batteries on all 3 sensors, then refitting the same batteries, all 3 sensors came to life and showed full battery level.

My concern is that I didn’t know they were offline, got no notification to say this, and didn’t know until went to arm the system. Could say that’s ok then, but not when you’re going out the door, expect to arm system, and don’t have time to fault find.

Why didn’t Ring email, send me notification etc, that 3 paired sensors have been offline for 3 weeks. Not good.

Hi @L1111. Currently, the Ring app doesn’t send a notification for when a device is offline. Neighbors have requested this option, so I’d recommend adding your vote and feedback to this post on our Feature Request board. This helps us to gauge interest in new features or products and share that feedback with the appropriate team.