Motion Detectors Added to System, Not Listed in App

Hey, had our handyman install much of our Ring system but then I did the rest. Have TWO motion detectors inside the house and one of them had been installed by the handyman but I installed the other one. This ‘other’ one, the one I installed, is a ‘stick up’ motion detector and is working fine in every respect.

The motion detector installed by the handyman was one placed in the corner of our living room. The motion detector installed by him is not listed as a device in my iPhone’s Ring app SO I AM UNABLE TO DELETE IT. But when I scan the barcode to add it, it says the device is already in the system: WTH?

Not too big a deal because I inadvertently purchased TWO of these ‘corner’ motion detectors and so I simply installed this second motion detector. It’s not being detected by the Ring app (on my iPhone) either: YIKES!

My Ring system is brand, spanking new and all firmware updates are shown with a blue check mark. Is it possible I can’t assign the same room name (= living room) to more than one motion detector at a time? Or is there a maximum limitation of ONE motion detector for any room?

Thanks in advance for any help on this,


Hey @DannyBoy1951. Is it possible that the handyman set up the device on their Ring account by accident? This can happen on accident if the handyman was not using your phone to scan in the device or signed into your account. Please reach out to our support team here so they can clear up this device ownership issue and help you get the device on your account!

It turns out the motion detector IS listed in my system: it’s just not SEPARATELY listed with all those other devices. You gotta open the BASE STATION device and (after clicking on it) you will see the motion detected listed THERE, not as a stand-alone device where all those other devices are listed.

Spent a HUGE amount of time (as a newbie) on this before I realized the motion detector WAS listed, it just wasn’t listed where all those other devices were.

Thanks for responding,


@DannyBoy1951 That makes sense and no worries! Since you posted this in the Cams board, I assumed it was a Security Cam, not a motion detector for the Ring Alarm system. My apologized but happy you were able to find it. Feel free to play around in the app and get used to your settings! :slight_smile: